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Pelagie Islands

The Island of Lampedusa lies 205 km from Sicilian Coast and 113 km from Tunisia. Even if Lampedusa politically belongs to Italy, from the point of view of geology it is part of African continent, to which it is firmly fixed; the arm of the sea in between is not deeper than 120 m.
Lampedusa, together with Lampione, dates back to the end of the Tertiary period when Mother-Africa emerged from the water; this theory is confirmed by the structure and the conformation of both the island and the continent. Lampedusa Island is 20 sq km large, has an extention of about 9 km from East to West and a maximum of 3 km from North to South.
It is a calcareous island, has an elongated form stretching from East to West, deep and dramatic coasts not easy to landings, reaches in its highest part, the "Albero del Sole" (the "Sun Tree"), to the West, 133 m. The only town is Lampedusa, rising on an inlet of South-East coast.


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